onsdag 15. oktober 2014

Høstutstillingen 2014

Once a year, since 1882, there´s this  huge group exhibition in Norway, called Høstutstillingen. And this year they picked out my first Black Metal texstile, "Solve Coagula nr.1" to enter the 127 edition of the exhibition.
In total, there was 82 artist represented this year at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, and it all turned out pretty great! 

I joined a guided tour around the exhibition to learn more about the other artists, and it was really REALLY strange when they came to my work and started to talk about it! I was standing right in front of the guide when she was talking, but nobody knew I was the artist, hehe. Stange, but cool.

(picture is a still from the video "True Norwegian Action", 2012, by Grete Johanne Neseblod)

I was´nt the only person at this years exhibition who worked with Black Metal  as a theme.
Grete Johanne Neseblod showed a video work of a performance. She is an a white room, covered whit spikes and corpsepaint, headbanging  and moving around with a lot of black paint in her hear. Great!

Black Metal in contemporary art is on the rise! 

THIS is so AWESOME!!! The Nordenfjelske Kunstindustrimuseum is a big museum located in Trondheim, and they decided to by Solve Coagula nr.1!!!  Guess who got exited when receiving those news!!! 

It´s now all over, the last day was October the 12th.

tirsdag 9. september 2014

Høst + Høst

The fall is finally here!!! And a lot of interesting things are happening! 
The festival Høstsabbat is soon here, so is the opening of Høstutstillingen! This year one of my works is going to be exhibited there, alongside 81 other artists. So exited! 

First of all, I´m just going to give a short update on what I have been doing this extremely hot summer.
I´ve been working at the sculpture park at Ekeberg, which was fantastic! Too bad my contract ended in August, so now I´m finished up there. But I still have my job at the Exotic Zoo pet shop :)
On my freedays I´ve been resting or fishing, or doing small projects for festivals and some bands.

Most important, I am now finished with my Bachelor in Fine Art at the Art Academy in Oslo!!!!
Here are some pictures of my part of the degree show. 

Finally finished installing everything! 

The newest work, Solve Coagula nr.3
The tekst are taken from comments I have been collecting over some years now. I have a huge folder, only with comments about females in Black Metal or similar. These are the most stereotypical once. 

I also showed 30 drawings this is from the series "Party Time For Demons"

And, then, my first festival poster!
This weekend it is time for the second edition of the magnificent festival HØSTSABBAT!!! 

And another poster for South of Heaven! They always book great bands to Oslo! Behold! 

Besides working all day and all night, there is always room for some great fun and good times!

 At the Karmøygeddon Metal Festival, 2014, Haugesund. 

Me at Ekebergparken

Fishing, A LOT!!! Nom nom nom

Mushroom picking! Yeah! 

Ordered 5 prints of the insanely talented Zbigniew M. Bielak! Check out more of his work at Facebook or at Graphic Noise

During this time I´ve been held with good company by my beloved fishes!!!! Hehee! So much fun! 

For now... this is the end, but after the weekend I guess I´ll have some more to show here! 

onsdag 26. mars 2014

Moose News

Aaaaaah, the winter is soon over and it is time to start living again! 
I have been horribly bad at updating my blog this year, but I will try to be a bit more active during the lighter days coming ahead. 

This is a quite random post, just to give a picture of what I´ve been up to lately.
First of all, I have gotten new jobs... I´ve started to work at a very nice pet shop and also at Ekebergparken, a outdoors sculpture park in Oslo. I am very very happy about this! 
And I have also gotten a small aquarium, which I will talk about another day, when I have gotten some fishes. It´s looking pretty necro at the moment, with small plastic animal skulls and all, hehe

At the Art Academy I have been working with my Bachelor thesis, application for the master studies in Fine Art and small side projects. But  now the most important thing is to work agains my graduate show, which will find place in the end of May.

...One of the side projects is a drawing collaboration with my good friend Alida. 
What it is and what it will be I will reveal later, when the time is right. But one thing is sure, I very exited about this! 

Got some new boots I found on sale! Black Secret boots.. Very nice, yeeees!

..Been doing some drawing for the excellent festival Høstsabbat!!! I was there last year and it was great as HELL!!!!!! So if you have the chance, don´t miss out on this years festival. So far the bands that are announced are Valhall, Saturnalia Temple, The Chronicles of Father Robin, Vidunder, Årabrot, SUMA, Beglomeg, Hombre Malo.

I did their logo last year also. I usually don´t do logos...but sometimes I just have to say yes:)

Vidar being DJ at Kniven:)

....And, of course I´ve been spending a lot of time (and money) at Kniven. It´s starting to feel like my third home or something. But what can you do, when there is so many cool people there, great DJs with loads of interesting underground music and a quiz every other tuesday. Usually it is the guys, Vidar & Jo, from my favorite metal radio show Overkill who are the quizmasters. You should join next time if you can! 

lørdag 1. mars 2014


Once again this day of the year has come. Now it´s four years since my mom passed away. I miss you very much. Luckily I dream very detailed and realistic, so I´ll see you there now and then.

torsdag 21. november 2013

Process of an Black Metal Exhibition

Here is some pictures taken during the process of making the exhibition "When Listening To Black Metal Every Day" I have used ridiculous long time on this project, even though it might not seem so, since I ONLY had eight works in the gallery space.  
Wish I had time to make more drawings though! 
But damn, it is WAY much more stressful to make an exhibition all alone than I expected, at a point I even got blind on one eye for some minutes, the day before the opening...

If you want to see more pictures from the exhibition, visit my other blog!!! 

Made almost everything my hand, even though I have an sewing mash in in my studio. It just does not look the same. 

First time in many years I tried this. Total destruction of the t-shirts! Moahaha 

Starting to look like a total mess! 

Some finished works....

From the exhibition, right before people started to turn up. 

Thanks to those who came! And those who helped! 
And many thanks to my friends, just because you´re awesome!